Best Coq10 Ubiquinol Supplements

Updated May 26, 2020

Top 3 Best Coq10 Ubiquinol Supplements

Best Overall
Performance Lab® Energy
  • Stimulant-free energy
  • No additives or allergens
  • 100% plant-based
Premium Choice
Best CoQ10
Invite Health CoQ10 (Ubiquinol)
  • Non-GMO
  • LiCaps® Technology
  • Uses Kaneka QH™
Best Value
Best CoQ10
Bulk Supplements Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
  • Free of additives
  • Pure form
  • Powder or softgel

5 Best Coq10 Ubiquinol Supplements

Performance Lab® Energy

Energy by Performance Lab is designed to provide superior mitochondrial support for cell energy and vitality. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall energy or boost your athletic performance Performance Lab® Energy can help.

Performance Lab® Energy sets itself apart from other energy supplements through not relying on caffeine for creating an energy boost. Rather, Energy is composed of MicroActive® Q10, BioPerine®, BioPQQ® and Bio-Enhanced® nutrition technology which work together to provide you with the ultimate non-stimulant boost. 

Energy is prebiotic-infused and comes in 100% plant-based NutriCaps®. This supplement is vegan friendly and also free of additives and allergens. 

About Performance Lab 

Performance Lab offers a wide variety of training and nutritional supplements which aid human performance and promote all-around health.  Its supplements provide support for better sleep, vision, cognition, and energy as well as enhance muscle growth, strength, endurance, and training intensity.

Performance Lab uses premier nutrition technologies in order to revolutionize healthy performance nutrition as well as to provide the highest quality performance supplements available on the market. This company provides one of the world’s most sophisticated nutritional supplement systems for optimizing daily performance and long-range health.

Unique Features

No Caffeine 

Unlike most energy supplements, Performance Lab Energy uses nutrition technology over caffeine to provide a natural boost.

Bioavailability-Enhanced MicroActive® Q10

In most cases, CoQ10 is difficult for the body to absorb. In order to aid absorption, Performance Lab® Energy uses bioavailability-enhanced MicroActive® Q10 which absorbs faster and releases slowly to provide sustained cell energy support.

PPQ is More Powerful than Vitamin C

Performance Lab® Energy BioPQQ® works together with CoQ10 to promote immunity by aiding mitochondria all throughout the body within almost all cells. It’s also an antioxidant related to B-vitamins which possesses nearly 5,000 times the antioxidant power of Vitamin C.

ALCAR Provides Dual-Powered Support

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) works as an athletic performance-enhancer by preserving energy in muscle while promoting the use fat for energy. This leads to optimal body composition overtime through losing body fat and gaining muscle.

BioPerine® is Highly Purified Black Pepper Extract

BioPerine® is standardized to supply 95% piperine which is much purer than competing piperine products.

  • Stimulant-free energy

  • No additives or allergens

  • 100% plant-based

  • Expensive- $49/box

  • Only 30 servings

  • Only available on the brand official website


Invite Health CoQ10 (Ubiquinol)

Best CoQ10

CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) by Invite Health is the ultimate energy-producing supplement. Ubiquinol is the active form of CoQ10 and is essential in absorbing calories from food and releasing energy throughout the body. Along with energy production, it also promotes cardiovascular and neuromuscular health through boosting muscle function and performance, decreasing fatigue, and proving antioxidant protection.

This product contains Kaneka QH™ which is the only American ubiquinol available. It’s also made with LiCaps® technology  which employs advanced delivery methods for efficient absorption.

Adults should take CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) once or twice daily, preferably with meals.

Invite® Health is a vitamin and supplement company that’s built upon the mission of helping people to integrate vitamins into their lives as well as celebrate everyone’s vision of wellness.  Invite Health has been a lead innovator in the nutritional supplement industry for over 20 years and offers products which range from multivitamins and superfoods to beauty products, anti-aging supplements, and more.

  • Non-GMO

  • Made with LiCaps® Technology

  • Made with the only American Ubiquinol

  • Large capsule size

  • Low dosage

  • Limited servings


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) by BulkSupplements

Best CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) by BulkSupplements provides an extensive amount of health benefits which include improvements in joint and muscular health, weight management, oral health, lung health, sexual health, skin health, cardiovascular health, and improved immune function. This product is free of sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, and gluten and contains CoQ10 in its purest form.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) comes in pure powder form and in softgels. The pure powder form is sold in quantities ranging from 10 grams to 25 kilograms whereas the softgels are sold in counts of 100 or 300. Adults should take 50 mg to 200 mg or 1 softgel daily.

BulkSupplements offers over 500 supplements which fall under categories such as fitness and sports, heart health, brain and memory, weight management, and immune support. All of its products contain pure raw ingredients, are lab tested for purity, and are manufactured at a facility that is FDA inspected. BulkSupplements stands out among its competitors due to its product versatility and ability to serve customers who stem from diverse health backgrounds, lifestyle choices, and dietary preferences.

  • Free of additives

  • CoQ10 in pure form

  • Available in powder and softgel form

  • Only sold on direct website

  • Restricted in some countries

  • Hard to properly dose with softgels

Fairhaven Health CoQ10

Best CoQ10 SupplementsCoQ10 by Fairhaven Health is the ultimate supplement for reproductive health. This product provides powerful antioxidant support throughout the entire body and is extremely effective in boosting cellular energy, including that of sperm and egg cells. Fairhaven Health provides convenient packaging for its CoQ10 and strictly adheres to GMP practices in its manufacturing.

CoQ10 by Fairhaven Health comes 100 mg capsule-form and should be taken twice daily, preferably with food. The recommended dose of 200mg/day allows men to experience a significant increase in sperm motility as well as improved sperm count and morphology. At this same dose women are expected to have healthier egg cells and a reduction in oxidative stress.

Fairhaven Health is a leading provider of natural, doctor-designed products which help support areas of health including fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and overall women’s health. Fairhaven offers a wide range of dietary supplements which are manufactured in the US following strict GMP conditions and contain the highest quality ingredients available. The company’s mission is to help people embrace life’s challenging stages with confidence and to provide couples with the information and tools they need to support their reproductive health and fertility.


  • 100 mg CoQ10 per capsule

  • Vegetarian capsules

  • Supports reproductive health in both men and women

  • Adults with CoQ10 deficiency may need several capsules

  • No cofactors for absorption

  • No additional ingredients for energy or cellular support

Qunol Ultra 100mg CoQ10

best coq10 ubiquinol supplementQunol ultra is specially-formulated and that is completely soluble in water and fat. It provides three times better bioavailability than standard. Qunol Ultra CoQ10 helps you to attain optimal levels of CoQ10 in your blood in a matter of weeks. It offers great help to users of statins medication.

  • It is helpful in synthesis of energy.

  • Great energy booster

  • It supports heart health and cancels out the side effects of satin drugs

  • Great pricing

  • Helps reduce heart pain

  • Improves nail adhesiveness

  • Helps manage skin conditions

  • Large pills

  • Large dose of vitamin E

  • Contains soy

CoQ10 Dosage

There is no established ideal dose of CoQ10. Studies have used doses of CoQ10 ranging from 50 milligrams to 1,200 milligrams in adults, sometimes split into several doses over the course of a day. A typical daily dose is 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams. Follow the instructions on the bottle or get advice from your doctor or a dietitian. Keep in mind that different supplement brands might have different ingredients and strengths.WebMD

Benefits of CoQ10 Supplements

  • It boosts cardiovascular health.
  • It lowers high cholesterol
  • It improves the levels of CoQ10 naturally
  • Works for congestive heart failure
  • It helps in the management of stroke
  • Helps with receding gums
  • It boosts the heart’s health and strengthens heart muscle
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Boosts endurance
  • Protects the cells against harmful effects of oxidation
  • Boosts cellular energy
  • Boosts the cognitive function of individuals suffering from Huntington’s disease
  • Minimizes heart palpitations
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps with clear thoughts
  • Relieves heart arrhythmia
  • Boosts memory retentiveness
  • Reduces join inflammation

CoQ10 is very beneficial to your body and above all it boosts your heart’s health. Purchasing the right one is very essential to get the health benefit you require. We have taken time to  go through Coq10 Ubiquinol Reviews, thus leaving you with the best available product in the market to help you shopping decision.

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