What Are The Best Vitamins for 1 year old?


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All children ought to obtain sufficient vitamins from the food they eat which must be a healthy balanced diet consisting of all the diary products, leafy green and fruits, protein and whole grains.

Although this is the obvious, in reality children rarely obtain all the essential nutrients from their day to day diet. That is where multivitamins can help kids get all of the nutrients they need.

Here is a list of best vitamins for 1 year old children.

The best multivitamin for children supposed to have roughly fifty to seventy percent of the daily vitamin.

Criteria for selection of a child’s multivitamin

  • The multivitamin should as well be highly bioavoilable to ensure that it is absorbed into the system of the child.
  • Look at the labels to check the nutritional contents and the vitamins levels.
  • Also try to choose a trusted brand manufactured to meet the proper pharmaceutical standards.

The age must as well be considered. Your chosen multivitamin must be suitable for your child’s age. This is highly important due to the fact that the nutritional requirements of children vary at different stages of their life.

#1. NovaFerrum Multivitamin with Iron Supplement for Infants and Toddlers

This Multivitamin with Iron Supplement is sweetened with a natural Raspberry Grape Flavor and is suitable for children below 4 years old. It doesn’t containany added iron salt and was made with the polysaccharide-iron complex as the base ingredient.

It also doesn’t come with additives like sugar, alcohol, dye, gluten, peanuts, corn, dairy, and soy. It is independently verified for Kosher and Vegans.


  • It is a multivitamin of delight for children
  • It comes with the eight essential vitamins and minerals which include vitamins A, B and D.
  • The color makes the measurement easy.
  • The stopper and the bottles are great; they usually don’t absorb some of the color.
  • It’s an amazing multivitamin that is easy for children to fall in with.
  • The built-in dropper makes it simple to dose and make cleaning easy.
  • It boosts hair growth in children.
  • It comes in great blend of ingredients and nutritional values.
  • It would ensure that your child’s blood test return a positive result.


  • The multivitamin can leak out of the droppers top if you shake it excessively.
  • The iron contained in the multivitamin result to dark and badly smelly poop.
  • It as well makes the child’s poop a little constipated and inconsistent.
  • It can result to stomach upset
  • The dark color of the multivitamin can stain color and things
  • It perfectly handles colds and sinus issues.

#2. Nordic Naturals – Children’s DHA, Healthy Cognitive Development and Immune Function

This kid’s multivitamin comes with a mixture of fish oil to ensure that your baby get the essential nutrients it contains since it is projected that only one percent of children get adequate supply of fish oil in their diet.

It also comes in the most absorbable and bioavailable form to ensure it gets assimilated into your baby’s system. It comes with natural flavors like strawberry.


  • It improves the child focus and concentration.
  • It also well boosts the child’s vocal ability.
  • It is an amazing speech therapy and makes the child more attentive.
  • The fish oil can easily be mixed into the child’s beverage.
  • Fish oil that infants and toddler can take easily in a beverage. They don’t seem to mind the taste.
  • It is a non GMO
  • It comes in great flavor that children specifically love.
  • The bottle is a large size and can last for roughly six months.
  • The facts that it comes in liquid form makes it easily absorbable.
  • It is also not costly compared to related brands.
  • It comes with an excellent concentration of DHA & EPA
  • It can be stored properly in the fridge after use.


  • It has a fishy smell
  • It can make the child to burp after taking it.
  • It doesn’t come with an inbuilt syringe and stopper.
  • This product is not completely bad but it comes with oil texture that some children find it difficult to swallow. However, you can just mix it in his food or drink to make it easier for the child to take.
  • The straw berry flavor smells like strawberry but doesn’t taste like one.

#3. Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries Multivitamin

Nordic naturals Nordic berries are produced in the US and come from a reputed and trust worthy brand with the best combinations of natural ingredients.


  • These multivitamins have a taste similar to sour gummies which doesn’t constitute any health issues to kids taking it.
  • The taste is great for some parents and kids. You’ll never find out until you try it.
  • The Nordic berries are shipped as expected.
  • They are good quality but the flavor needs a little bit of improvement
  • They are actually amazing vitamin with great functionality.
  • Be careful to completely cover the lid to make it children proofed.
  • They are typically healthy gummy drops which the kids would like to eat and request for more. So you don’t actually need to remind them to take it.
  • They are also one of the best multivitamin brands for kids.


  • It is too sugary
  • It has a bad smell and some kids don’t like the taste as well.

 #4. Rainbow Light – Kids One™ Chewable Multivitamin & Mineral

Rainbow kids multivitamins are yummy vegetable multivitamin that contains the nutrients your child requires for optimal growth. It comes with probiotics which improves digestive health and the immune system. It doesn’t come with unpopular additives like soy, gluten, diary etc.


  • It comes with nutrient blend that ensures your child gets all his or her nutritional requirements for healthy brain, bone, heart and eye function.
  • It comes with amazing ingredients in a most bioavailable forms which boost the assimilation into the child’s system.
  • It boosts your kids energy and concentration and make the keys happier with brighter eyes
  • They are not blended with added sugars or artificial dyes.
  • They contain iron and as well some amount of probiotics.
  • The ingredient blend is great
  • Despite the large size, your kids would love them


  • They are large sized and require sometimes for children to get used to them.
  • It comes in a chalk-like taste and needs some improvement.

#5. Flintstones Gummies

The flintstones kids gummies is an all-inclusive kid’s multivitamin. Flintstones is widely recommended by pediatricians as one of the best kid’s chewable vitamins. It provides an excellent support to the child’s immune system due to the blend of vitamin C, E, and Zinc.


  • It boosts the release of energy from their food and provide improves the health of the eyes.
  • It comes in funny shaped gummies typically of children and the flavor taste great.
  • This multivitamin is good and contains the vitamins and mineral essential needs of children.
  • The multivitamin looks like treat to kids.
  • It is recommended by pediatricians.
  • It boosts the immune system of the child
  • Soft chew vitamins contain fewer numbers of vitamins than the hard chew types. However, this comes with much more quantity of vitamins than related soft chew multivitamin brands.
  • It is moderately easy to chew and not excessively tasty


  • It doesn’t contain iron or thiamine yet the label says it’s complete.
  • Sometimes the gummies arrive gummed together probably as a result of heat in transit.
  • It is a bit hard to chew and a bit rubbery.
  • The smell is not great



When you are looking for the best vitamins for a year old kid, remember to check the labels to confirm the nutritional contents. Also, it is better to get a multivitamin with the best bioavailable form, great taste, which contains less additives and supplies all the essential ingredient needs of your child. It must as well be age suitable.

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