What Is The Best Protein Shakes For Men?


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Protein is essential for a healthy and energetic life but it is not always possible to get sufficient amount from your daily meals. This is when a good protein shake would play a great role. The amino acids contained in protein are great resource for the body when it comes to building lean muscles.

A good protein shake taken before and after a workout helps to quicken the ability of your muscles to recover. It does much more than, boosts your nutritional intake, your health and helps you to maintain a healthy wealth.

There are a lot of protein shakes out there but getting a good one is a challenge if you don’t know what you’d look for. We have, provided you with the best protein shakes for men with reasons why they really worth exploring. The most important thing is they contain less amount of sugar and come in the most bioavailable quality.

List Of Top Protein Shakes For Men.

#1. Premier Nutrition High Protein Shake

Premier Protein High Protein Shake can serve as a great and healthy daily meal substitute or snack. It is recommended that you give it a good shake before you drink to get the most out of it and help you to savor it most. They come in varieties of flavor like chocolate and much more.


  • It comes in a convenient and good shelf-life span.
  • It is superbly yummy.
  • It doesn’t come with a lot of calorific content. It is better taken cold and if you take it in the afternoon, it helps to curb your appetite.
  • It is a great protein.
  • The taste is not bad and better than most protein shakes in the market.
  • It is definitely a great product and a good value for money spent for the nutritional values it provides.
  • These are great protein shake that provide amazing filling effect and tastes great.
  • It is mild on the stomach
  • The shake mixture is thick and chunky and the consistency varies.
  • It boosts and improves your overall health.


  • It is a bit costly.
  • It doesn’t come with a replacement cap.


#2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey makes use of natural Whey Protein Isolates as the base ingredient. This protein shake is made from hundred percent extracts of whey protein. They are great for assisting you to reach your daily protein nutritional needs while at the same time reducing your calorific intake.

The banana flavor is stronger than the natural banana. Although the strawberry and banana flavor are good, the smoothie taste is better


  • This is great for people who want to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass but not the great option for individuals who want to gain weight.
  • It provides the right nutritional needs with fewer calories.
  • It mixes well with water
  • This is a great product for building lean muscle.
  • They are not supplied with a scoop
  • The pricing is high although the product is great, it shouldn’t cost that much.
  • It tastes more like chocolate drink but with artificial flavor.
  • Mixing with water is not great but when mixed with milk, it gives you a better and yummier taste.


  • It may not be great for individuals whose body cannot tolerate whey
  • It can result to bloating, gas, cramping, and other digestive issues for individuals who find it difficult to tolerate.
  • It doesn’t taste great with water
  • It comes with after taste


#3. Lean 180 Muscle Mix, Best Weight Loss Protein Shake for Men

Lean 180 muscle mix is one of the best protein shakes for men. It comes in a blend of seven different proteins and MCT Powder. These greatly help to improve your satiation, curb your appetite and reduce hunger.


  • It reduces your appetite and ability to burn fat.
  • It boosts the formation of lean muscle.
  • It increases the metabolism of your body which helps you to lose weight.
  • It tastes great and mixes well unlike a few related brands of protein shakes.
  • It doesn’t come with any form of after taste.
  • The shipping always arrives as expected with great customer service.
  • It is a great product with excellent quality.
  • It provides you with the top quality of protein you require for your workouts and helps to boost your energy for hours. It comes in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor and tastes delicious.


It comes with a lot of chemical mixture


#4. LABRADA NUTRITION – Lean Body RTD Whey Protein Shake

Labrada’s Lean Body protein shake is a great protein drink to take when you are on the go. It doesn’t contain any amount of sugar and a great option for individuals who are on carb-free diet. It helps you to burn fat and build your desired muscle mass.


  • It tastes absolutely delicious and much more than related brands of protein shakes.
  • It is fantastic on its own but can taste better with juice or blended together with smoothie.
  • The texture is smooth and the taste is a bit chalky but it doesn’t come without after taste.
  • It is fulfilling meal replacement and contains fiber with low carb content
  • The product is well packed and shipped as stated
  • They taste great especially the vanilla flavor. The banana flavor is also greate
  • They are fantastic blend for Keto!
  • It provides you with the right nutritional blend needed after a workout to help you recover quickly.
  • This works faster at helping you stay lean.


  • Although the taste is great to many people, some people find it difficult to tolerate the taste
  • It’s not very cost effective.
  • They are heavy on some stomach.


#5. Garden of Life Meal Replacement – Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder

Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal is a great already made organic food that comes with great amount of nutritional needs that boost your satiation, help you to control weight gain and feel better. It is made up of organic blends of seven products’ nutrition including fruits, vegetables, green juices, enzymes and a lot more.


  • It is an amazing product
  • It doesn’t contain allergens like gluten, soy or diary and doesn’t come with additives and preservatives.
  • It is very effective and beneficial and comes with noticeable changes.
  • It comes with quality ingredients
  • It keeps you more satiated and helps you to lose weight
  • The shipping arrives fast
  • It creates a sense of fullness and makes you to eat less.
  • It improves your poop


  • The taste is horrible and may not be your choice if you are concerned about taste
  • They are much more like raw food.
  • They also do not smell great. The sight and texture is also not attractive
  • It has a characteristic taste that’d make you want to gag.
  • The unflavored version has an awful after taste.
  • The mixture is a bit grainy but the nutritional value you’d get when you take, would make you to crave for more.


To make it better to drink, drink it as soon as you mix it and not allow it to stay longer. The more it stays the thicker it becomes. Avoid mixing it with banana. Doing that makes it thicker. You can make it easier to drink by mixing it with some juice or smoothie. Overall, it is a great product if you can manage the taste and gulp it in.


We carefully researched the market to provide you with the best choices of protein shakes that provide you with just exactly what you need to support your health and grow lean muscles and allow you to lose weight while staying more satiated and full.

No matter what your protein needs are, you’ll find these great  protein shake choices you’d be happy with.


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