What Is The Best Kava Supplements In 2019?


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Kava-Kava; Kava for short is scientifically known as Piper methysticum. Grown mainly in Vanuatu and Fiji, the root of the plant is considered to have various health benefits; ranging from sedative, to euphoric as well as anesthetic benefits. Some people also testify to the effectiveness of kava root powder in dealing with anxiety.

Getting full benefit of kava root extract begins from understanding what makes the best kava, how kava-kava works, different forms of kava available for consumption, where to buy the best root extract as well as trusted vendors.

This is exactly what I intend to analyze in details in this article, and I hope by the time you’re done reading, your questions about kava-kava would have been answered.

The most active ingredient found in kava root extract is known as kavalactone. The amount of effect you get from kava-kava is directly proportional to the percentage of kavalactone present in the product. This is why most people argue that kava that has been processed into various forms; supplements, capsule, gum, or tea are usually not as potent as the natural root powder.

While this argument may hold as the truth, there are several other factors that goes into the choice of kava being consumed. Take for instance, the time and effort that goes into getting the extract from natural roots coupled with the fact that they’re not easily accessible to someone living in this part of the world.

If you love kava, your best bet is to find a reliable vendor and try out various forms until you’re able to identify the one that really suits you. As a rule of thumb, you want to get a product with detailed information about the percentage of kavalactone extract present in it.

It’s no secret that the cheaper the product, the lesser the percentage of kavalactone and as such the higher the amount you will have to consume before experiencing the full benefit of kava-kava.

Typically, kavalactone has a half-life of about nine (9) hours in the blood stream. What this means is that; taking the appropriate dosage, the effect will last for roughly nine hours in the body system.

Although no scientific research corroborate this claim, even though it’s a common number amidst kava users, the minimum amount of powder a user has to consume to see the effect of the extract is said to be 70mg. You might end up needing more when you factor body weight and absorption rate into the equation.

Reviewed below are some of the best kava supplements that can be purchased online, they’re of various forms, but I have done my possible best to ascertain the benefits that each of them has to offer. The aim is to provide you with the best possible options when it comes to buying kava online.

Best Kava Supplements Reviewed.

#1. Pure Mountain Botanicals Kava Kava Capsule.

While compiling the list of best kava extracts available online, the percentage of kavalactone present in each reviewed product top the list of my selection criteria.

This particular product boast of 400mg of kava root per capsule. If the information provided by the manufacturer is anything to go by, then it means more than 30% yield of kavalactone from each capsule.

Other kava product that made it to the list have 30% or lesser yield of kavalactone. The idea behind the capsule form is to make it easy for users that cannot stand the flavor of the actual kava extract.

Pure mountain botanicals kava kava capsule is the best kava supplement for high kavalactone yield.

The product is certified to be gluten free and  perfect for vegetarians. The bottle contains 90 capsules; 400mg each. What this implies is that, you can easily get by with a capsule per day, since only 75mg is minimum dosage required to elicit the desired effect.


#2. Nature’s Answer Kava-6 Vegetarian Capsules

While compiling the list of kava kava supplements to be reviewed in this article, my main interest was in the percentage of kavalactone yield per dosage. Most of the products reviewed in this post have percentage yield between 17-30%, another factor I took into consideration is the percentage of other substances “fillers” that each product contain.

The higher the percentage of other non-kava extract, the lower the effect of the kava extract. And this is why Nature’s answer kava made it to the list.

This product boast of six (6) active kava kava extract constituent, alongside vegetable cellulouse; making it suitable for vegetarians. Each capsule is 333mg, and has about 50mg of pure kava extract. What this implies is that, you don’t have to take more than two tablets to get the desired effect, because only 75mg is needed to elicit the effect of kava extract.

Users mentioned that it function well when it comes to aiding sleep. I guess it comes with the relaxation power of good kava extract powder.


#3. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Kava Root Capsule.

If you’re familiar with the buying and use of kava, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that there are two types of kava; the noble kava and the tudei kava. Most kava vendor are fond of mixing a bit of tudei kava with the noble kava. Noble kava is the best and recommended kava for recreational purpose,but tudei kava grows very fast as compared to noble kava

This makes tudei kava relatively cheap, and most vendors would get a bit of this tudei and mix with the noble kava, while still claiming that it’s the original noble completely.

I had to clarify this because it’s explains why I mentioned oregon’s wild harvest in this article.

It’s one of the few kava root product that is specifically designed to give the feeling of relaxation which is the primary use of noble kava.

The only ingredient of this capsule is powdered extract from kava root and rhizome. This is arguably the purest you can get in the commercial market. Unless of course if you can get the extraction done locally.


#4. Hawaiian Kava Brew or Chew

If you’re not so much into “processed” kava extract, then this is the right option for you. Hawaii is one of the very few places where Kava plant grows. This product is harvested within the united states, and it’s packaged in such a way that buyer can choose to brew their own kava drink, or just chew directly.

If you’re interested getting the brewing done yourself, and equally interested in saving cost, then this is one of the cheapest and best option for kava kava extract online.


#5. Premium Noble Kava Kava Root Powder

This product made it to the list because of numerous positive reviews on amazon. It’s unsure whether the product comes from Vanuatu (home of kava) or whether it’s from hawaii in the US. Most users prefer imported kava kava powder from vanuatu, even though they tend to be a bit expensive if they’re not mixed with tudei powder of some other forms of filler as discussed earlier.

If buyer’s review is anything to go by, then you would be making a good choice by getting this product.

You should put into consideration’ the fact that, you would have to do the brewing yourself; most people don’t like getting this done, this explains why they would rather opt for capsule or any other form of processed kava kava.

I would advice that you got for the medium size to try it out if it’s the best option for you, if not, then you can try out other products in the list.


#6. Wakacon KAVA Fijian WAKA Powder

If brewing your kava is what you don’t mind doing, then this is the product i’ll recommended for you, far above all other kava powders listed in this article.

In fact; don’t take my word for it; just spare the money, buy and come back here to drop negative comment about my recommendation if it doesn’t meant your true noble kava kava expectation.

It’s a product that has been tested and certified. Made only of true lateral and crown kava root.

Once purchase is made; a detailed instruction is sent to your email via PDF on how to go about processing the powder for consumption.

The only downside I find is the additional cost of getting a strainer if this is your first time of brewing your own kava at home.


I have reviewed six (6) kava extract products; three (3) of which are capsules, made mainly for those that are interested in getting the kava effect on the go without passing through the stress of brewing. The other three (3) products are the kava root extract powder, that requires brewing before consumption.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits, uses, and testimonials of previous users; then you should watch the embedded video below.


I decided not to review gums and instant kava tea because they’ve been shown to have little desired effect. Even those that show effect would require high amount of consumption, so i deem them unfit for this list. If you’ve had any success using kava gum or kava instant tea, you can share your experience and the product in the comment section and i’ll look into it.

Other Recommended Products.


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