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Gaba means gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is a neurotransmitter found in human body. It is one of the most widespread and plentiful neurotransmitters just like glutamate. Gaba is very beneficial to the body. It improves body health by controlling nervousness, panic, and pain.

When you want to purchase the best Gaba supplement, the best determining factor to look for is how pure the ingredients are.

At present, there is no one uniformly accepted standard for the accurate dosage to be taken. The best recommended way to take Gab is to take it orally. However, if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or lactating, consult your physician for advice before taking Gaba.

Top 5 GABA Supplements

#1. NOW Foods GABA

GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is a non-essential amino acid that is naturally produced in the human brain and eyes. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This means that it controls the brain function and regulates the actions of nerve cell by preventing the number of nerve cell that shoots the brain.

GABA is commonly known as the “brain’s natural soothing agent”. It prevents many neurons from over stimulating the brain and helps the body to feel more relaxed while at the same time minimizing nervous tension.

What it contains

NOW Foods Gaba comes in a five hundred milligram of gamma-aminobutyric acid with two milligram of Vitamin B6 to assist in absorption. It is a non-GMO and vegan/vegetarian capsule. It doesn’t contain gluten and kosher.

Good features

It calms the body naturally and makes you feel less tensed up and relaxed. It makes you feel better able to manage your anxiety.

It helps you to sleep soundly and prevent digression of the brain or wandering thoughts. It is a great remedy for panic or anxiety attack. It also helps to relieve insomnia and PTSD.

Bad features

Although it helps one to get more sleep, it can result to heart palpitations. It is sometimes not as effective as it is when you start it initially on the long run. It doesn’t offer help to some people who have acute anxiety issue.

#2. Pure Encapsulations GABA

Pure Encapsulations GABA blend is licensed as hypoallergenic, vegan and vegetarian. A new study found that GABA boosts alpha wave formulation in the brain. This helps to enhance relaxation and mitigate nervousness.

What it contains

Pure Encapsulations GABA blend comes with 700 mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid.It is in a capsular form.

Good features

It boosts the immune function and helps to regulate the levels of IgA which shows that Gaba can boost immune defense when the body goes through sporadic stress. It is also great at improving the health of the nervous system.  It contributes greatly to the regulation of cell-cell contact. Sufficient levels of Gaba enhances mood.

Bad features

It works great for some without issues initially but could cause shortness of breath in the long run.

#3. Thorne Research PharmaGABA-100

Thorne Research PharmaGABA-100 is blended from all natural and pure sources. The tastes, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners are all gotten from natural sources.

It doesn’t contain gluten or GMOs, stearates, wheat, rye, barley, eggs, or nuts. This product does not contain dairy, soy, corn, yeast, sugar, or magnesium stearate.

What it contains

Thorne Research PharmaGABA-100 comes in 100 mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is available in capsules. It is vegan-friendly and can be taken according to doctor’s instruction or one to three capsules every day.

Good features

The Thorne Research Pharma Gaba-100 boosts a peaceful, stress-free, focused state of mind. It boosts restful sleep. GABA is a significant brain chemical that helps the brain to slow down activities when the body faces escape stress.

It is difficult to get pure and bio-available GABA, but Thorne comes in a high quality standard and purest form.

Bad features

GABA cannot surmount the blood-brain barrier by itself. To cross that barrier, it is better to make use of Picamilon. It doesn’t work for everybody.

#4. Vitanica GABA Ease

Vitanica Gaba Ease GABA is a blend of the best-researched herbs and nutrients that boost relaxation and mitigates stress. It provides support to the nervous system.

It is a great help when you are traveling or suffering from hormonal tetchiness going through stress. It is better to speak with your healthcare provider before you start this supplement or any other supplement to ensure you stay safe.

What it contains

Vitanica Gaba Ease comes in a capsular blend of 750 mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid with 100 mg of L-Theanine (green tea extract), 150 mg of passionflower extract, 150 mg of hops (phytoestrogens) and 150 mg of skullcap (nerves).

Good features

It can help to mitigate the effects of BPD, PMDD and anxiety disorder. It can be used in the treatment of severe depression. Taking the supplement can eliminate your need for prescription antidepressants. It is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Bad features

The supplement is not suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers.

#5. Country Life GABA Relaxer

Country Life GABA Relaxer is a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free supplement blend. It is also free of wheat, dairy, yeast, soy, sugar, and salt, GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives. It is a Vitamin B-6 blend with the free form amino acid Supplement.

What it contains

The Country Life Gaba Relaxer is made up of a blend of 100 mg gamma-aminobutyric acid together with 200 mg free-form glycine, 300 mg inositol, 300 mg taurine, 10 mg of Vitamin B6 and 100 mg of niacin. It comes in the form of a vegetarian capsule.

Good features

It helps the body to properly use amino acids. It is vegetarian-friendly and contains Kosher. It relaxes the body naturally but does not result in any unpleasant side effects. It can calm the nervousness. It improves sleep without making you feel drowsy.

It works great at eliminating migraine headaches. It contains a blend of Vitamin B6 to enhance the bioavailability.

Bad features

It relaxes some but doesn’t quicken sleep time but can increase the feeling of hunger.

Those are the best GABA supplement in the market as at the time of publication. Every now and then, they’re updated to ensure you make the right choice in your purchase decision.


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