10 Benefits Of Sleeping Very Early.


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Many people undoubtedly aren’t able to fulfill the required eight hours of sleep every day. It is not everybody who sleeps less than eight hours days have a sleeping problem. Many of us have no sleeping issue, yet we tend to put off sleep too late and engage in other activities which rob of this daily essential for optimal health.

The resultant effect of this on a long run comes with a significant health and wellness cost. To ensure that you are motivated enough to get the adequate amount of sleep every night we have enumerated the health benefits of going to bed early.

#1. It makes you less anxious

Going to bed early helps you to be well relaxed and filled with positive thoughts than when you go to bed late. Studies found that deprived sleep can result in pessimism. Psychologists also recommend sufficient amount of sleep each night is very beneficial for psychological health.

It is true that sleeping very early would not entirely eliminate your problem but it would help you to focus on them with the right mind. Again, when you are well rested, you are better able to manage and handle your day to day worries.

#2. Sleeping early improves your interpersonal relationship

If you discover that you are suddenly becoming more and more argumentative, you can minimize it through sound and sufficient night rest. Deprived sleep makes you feel grumpy. When you are not well rested at night, you tend to feel ill-tempered, touchy and tensed.

This makes you flay up at minor issues that would not ordinarily get you upset resulting to relationship issues due to misunderstanding. You’d usually resolve this by getting sufficient amount of sleep. Sufficient amount of sleep every day makes you more optimistic, patient and more peaceful.

#3. It will improve your alertness

Not being fully rested in the morning makes you less alert and inattentive and this can affect your ability to drive safely. It can have a costly effect like car accidents which could put your life and health with the life and health of others at risk.

A survey found that about sixty percent of the adult drive when they feel drowsy and more than half respondents certified that they have dozed off while on the steering wheel.

AAA Foundation data reveals that individuals who sleep six to seven hours at night are more likely to have an accident by 50 percent than those who sleep for eight hours and more.

#4. Sufficient night sleep makes you more productive

Insufficient hours of sleep blur your cognitive ability and make you less able to do your work effectively. It messes up your concentration and memory making you less productive as you’d normally be.

It has also been found that REM sleep boost your creative thinking ability by thirty percent than when you have a non-dream-prone sleep. When you get eight hours of recommended sleep every night, your brain wakes in the morning feeling great and more focused to take care of every day’s business.

#5. Sleeping early helps you to maintain a healthy weight

It has been proved by research that insufficient amount of sleep each night would likely make you be overweight. This is because when you are sleep deprived, you tend to make unhealthy food choices and have little or no strength to engage in physical activities during the day. This increases your body weight and makes you overweight or obese eventually.

#6. Sufficient amount of sleep improves your immune function

Sleeping early boost your immune system and makes you healthier. Apart from hand washing, sufficient amount of sleep is the next best way to stay away from flu and cold especially during the winter season. When you are properly rested at night, you are less likely to pick of flu from people around and if you do have one, you’d be healed quicker.

#7. Sufficient amount of sleep makes you more attractive

When you well rested, you tend to look great. This has actually been confirmed by a study conducted in Sweden.  The study found that people who are not well rested at night are not very healthy or attractive and are not easy to approach. They are as well more unhappy, unlike individuals who get sufficient amount of sleep.

#8. Sleeping early helps you to prevent chronic disease conditions

The three key things you need to do as priorities are eating right, engaging in physical exercise and getting sufficient sleep if you want to avoid chronic disease conditions like heart disease, kidney disorder, high BP, diabetes, and stroke.

Your body carries out repair when you sleep. This keeps your heart, blood vessels, brain, and the rest body tissues healthy and prevents the occurrence of chronic disease conditions.

#9. Sleeping eliminate your need for setting an alarm to wake you up

Waking up in the morning would be much easier for you if you regularly go to bed early. You’ll only struggle to wake up from bed in the morning when you are constantly sleep deprived. In addition, when you eventually wake, you won’t be as agile as you used to be.

You’ll be better prepared to manage your daily task when you are well rested. You’ll end up finding that there is no need to set an alarm.

#10. Going to bed early helps you to wake up in the morning well rested

If you are used to staying up late into the night, as you get older, you’ll discover that your body would no longer be able to manage it. You’ll no longer be able to cope with just four to five hours sleep without feeling sick and weak in the morning. When you are well rested, a long day would not be as exhausting as when you get an insufficient amount of sleep.



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