Best Multivitamins For Women Over 30


Multivitamins are vital part of a balanced meal. Although it is best to get your multivitamin requirements naturally, this doesn’t always work out for a lot of reasons. It is hard to get your entire vitamin requirement from the food you eat even when you work hard to cut down on junk foods and eat more nutritious foods. We have selected the best multivitamins for women over 30 in this article to help make your search for a good pick easy.

Moreover, as we age, our multivitamin requirements tend to increase. Women over 30 experience hormonal changes as their body prepare to enter into the premenopausal stage.

This makes them lack nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and iron and makes it essential for them to take vitamin supplements.

Again, being active and engaging in energetic workouts boosts your needs for vitamin and mineral which would make it difficult for you to get all your requirements from food alone.

Top 5 Multivitamin For Women Over 30

#1. Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women

This multivitamin was developed with specific consideration for the composite functions of the body of a woman. It comes with nutrients that promote breast health and reproductive health.

What it contains

It contains vitamins D and E for breast health and folate, calcium, magnesium, and zinc for reproductive health. It as well comes with nutrients that boost bones health like vitamins A, C, D3, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It is a blend of multivitamins and probiotics.

Good features

It comes with a blend of nutrients that fulfills a woman’s nutritional requirements. This is an all-around multivitamin for breast health, reproductive health, improved bone’s health, a healthy skin, heart’s nourishment and improved digestion.

It is vegetarian-friendly and doesn’t come with gluten, and dairy. It doesn’t as well contain binders or filler contents. It tastes good and doesn’t come with multivitamins aftertastes.

Bad features

It is not one pill a day. You have to take two large pills two times every day which means four pills every day.

#2. Sonora Nutrition Multivitamin for Women

The Sonora Nutrition multivitamin for women with its thirty blends of nutrients provides nutritional stability, enhances the health of the woman and boosts her energy.

It doesn’t contain any form of chemical additives, preservatives, artificial color or flavor, magnesium stearate, dioxides, sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, or milk. It is produced in the US in an FDA approved, GMP submissive facility.

What it contains

It contains thirty essential vitamins and minerals blend in a superior time structure.

Good features

It boosts Nutritional Balance and enhances the overall health of the user. It energizes the woman and increases the efficiency of the immune function. It as well helps to boost hormone. The company has a great customer service support.

Bad features

The multivitamin comes with coral calcium which can activate the shellfish allergies. It as well contains iodine and omega fish oil derived from kelp which can as well result to shellfish allergies. The product comes with a loose lid and you need to take three capsules a day.

#3. MegaFood – Multivitamin for Women

MegaFood Multi for Women 55+ is a multivitamin for women particularly formulated to fulfill the altering nutritional requirement of women as they age.

What it contains

It is a blend of nutrients that boost healthy bones, heart, and brain. It comes with nutrients that improve vision. It doesn’t contain iron and vitamin K.

Good features

It supports your strength and health and improves cardiovascular health, mood, and cognition. It boosts your energy and improves the health of the brain with zinc and B vitamins. It helps in mood regulation and improves bones health.

Bad features

It is two pills a day formula. It causes stomach issues in some and is not efficient for everyone who takes it. It requires some kind of coating to make it easier to gulp in. It doesn’t contain Ca, Mg, Iodine or Vitamin K.

#4. Rainbow Light – Women’s One Multivitamin

The Rainbow Light – Women’s One Multivitamin is particularly formulated to meet the needs of women. It comes in easily digestible and bioavailable blend. The multivitamin is blended with probiotics and plant-sourced enzymes. It provides support to the bone, heart, skin, and breast.

What it contains

It is a multivitamin blend with B-complex, vitamin D3, and iron. It contains probiotics and comes in one pill a day.

Good features

Rainbow Light Women’s One Multivitamin is a great natural food-based multivitamin for women over 30 due to their more active life. It offers to the woman a targeted support for her overall health. It helps to maintain optimal bone function enhances energy and help to manage stress and boost heart health.  It as well helps to boost the immune function. It doesn’t contain allergens or additives.

Bad features

They are of large size and are a bit difficult to swallow. Also, they do not taste or smell great.

#5. GNC Women’s Ultra Mega 50 Plus

The GNC brand Women’s Ultra Mega 50 Plus multivitamin is a multivitamin that comes with a great blend of vitamins and mineral nutrients that meets the needs of women.

They are great for healthy aging, enhanced skin health, and improved memory. The capsule is recently reformulated and made of a smaller size to make it easier to swallow.

What it contains

It comes in a pack that incorporates six pills for daily intake.

Good features

The supplement has been studied clinically and confirmed effective. It comes with sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D. It comes in a single dosage packing which makes it easy to track intake.

It improves bone and skin and comes with a lot of antioxidants that eliminate harmful radicals and delays the aging process.

Bad features

You have to take six pills in a single day. It also contains soy.

That is my unbiased review of the best multivitamins for women over 30. Just like any other supplements, their actions may be greatly subjective, but in all, the majority of users have good things to say about the products reviewed in this article.


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